Engineers Withour Borders - Windsor Chapter

Our Ventures

We support innovations that can disproportionately contribute to reducing poverty in Africa, whether they are non-profit or for-profit businesses. Currently, we invest in 15 early to late stage ventures across 5 African countries. Our ventures are focused in 5 portfolios: small and growing businesses, public services and infrastructure, food systems, engineering education and professional practice, and sustainable mining. As an incubator we provide our ventures with skilled staff, a decade of field knowledge and expertise, a network of people in Canada, and support to exit and grow beyond EWB.

Our People

In Canada, we have a network of 12,000 active social change leaders, including 36 student and professional chapters in cities across the country. We provide indepth training and leadership programs to build peoples capacity to understand, analyze and change complex social systems. In Africa, our 100+ volunteers and staff are embedded in a range of local partner organizations, whether in the public, private or civil society sectors

Meet us at

Room no. 2187
Centre for Innovation and Engineering
University of Windsor
Ontario N9B 3P4