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EWB Windsor

Investing in people and ideas to end global poverty.

Our Flagship Events

EWB Windsor gives students many opportunities to engage with our organization.

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Run to End Poverty

This 5K run started in 2009 and has taken place in nearly 20 cities, raising approximately half a million dollars for EWB's initiatives in Canada and Africa. Visit ewb.ca for more information.

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EWB Gala

A formal event which will celebrate EWB's Windsor past accomplishments and the future of our organization. Our Gala will take place on January 7, 2017 from the Fogular Furlan.

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The Southwestern Ontario Retreat brings together EWB'ers from across the province to spread ideas about systemic change and make connections that will last a lifetime.

Our Ventures

Find out how EWB Windsor is changing the world.

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Food Systems

By focusing our efforts on organic waste, we believe we can make a measurable effect on our university's carbon footprint.

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Youth Engagement

Educating our city's youth by giving informative presentations and conducting hands-on workshops at local high schools.

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Campus Outreach

Hosting fun and engaging events for University of Windsor students in order to raise funds for EWB's inititatives in Canada and Africa.

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Global Engineering

Envisioning a world where engineers everywhere apply their creativity and critical thinking skills in order to solve global issues.